Next time you are planning a special afternoon event, business meeeting or reception, let t-buds do your catering.

T-Buds Tea Lounge & Creperie

Join us at the t-buds tea lounge and creperie for a unique experience in gourmet food and tea pairings, traditional afternoon tea service and speciality loose leaf teas and teaware.

Private Events

Host your own private tea party at your home or chosen location and have fun and earn rewards at t-buds.

Chocolate indulgence

An inspired fusion of chocolate decadence and afternoon tea tradition to warm your winter days at t-buds

Introducing "t- scones"

Select from 6 different varieties- classic,rasberry,raisin,cranberry .orange and chocolate. Gift box includes assorted jam and loose leaf tea

“The Ecstasy of the Nectar”

To see life’s reflection in a nectar sublime,

And transcend beyond its mortal woes,

To step out of the frenzied race with time,

And drink deep from nature’s pores,

To sip from an elixir ,

and drown in its flavor,

To feel the warmth of this brew,

soothing like the freshness of dew,

Amber gold and serene green,

its flavor and aroma like an ambrosial dream,

Colouring our life through its many lenses,

awakening your taste and refreshing your senses,

Like an endless fountain of immortal drink,

Pouring unto us from heavens brink,

So drink deep my friends, for this is tea,

Surrender your souls to ecstasy.

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