Next time you are planning a special afternoon event, business meeeting or reception, let t-buds do your catering.

T-Buds Tea Lounge & Creperie

Join us at the t-buds tea lounge and creperie for a unique experience in gourmet food and tea pairings, traditional afternoon tea service and speciality loose leaf teas and teaware.

Private Events

Host your own private tea party at your home or chosen location and have fun and earn rewards at t-buds.

Chocolate indulgence

An inspired fusion of chocolate decadence and afternoon tea tradition to warm your winter days at t-buds

Introducing "t- scones"

Select from 6 different varieties- classic,rasberry,raisin,cranberry .orange and chocolate. Gift box includes assorted jam and loose leaf tea

Premium Tea Collection

Premium Tea Collection

Select from our list of premium blend teas which are served all times. Well loved, timless and popular international blends enjoyed by tea lovers of all ages!

4.00 Pot for One Pot for one with biscotti 6.00 Pot for Two Pot for two with biscotti Black Rose Congu Buds Congou style keemun blended with rose to create a gentle rosy sweet aroma. this romantic liquor compliments high tea and a light sweet dessert. Black Tippy Assam Malt Buds Mellow and malty avoured tea from one of the best Indian tea estates, Harispur. it has a bright viscous coppery liquor that has to be savoured while contemplating! Organic Earl Grey De La Crème Buds Subtle yet distinct avour of bergamot paired with caramel and vanilla to create a silky smooth blend that will ow over your palate with a warm creamy texture. Black Spring Valley Buds Full body FBOP special grade ceylon tea from the famed uva region of Sri Lanka. a brisk and perfect cup from the mid mountain valleys where warm sunshine following tropical monsoons with cool nights produce this wonderful flush. Black Lychee Rose Buds Deliciously sweet, smooth and cooling tea with the oral hint of rose to create a refreshing brew. the sweetness of lychees will awaken your taste! Caspian Delight An aromatic blend inspired from the caspian region which combines pistachio, almond, ginger, rose and cloves to create a carnival burst of avours reminiscent of a rich seasonal cake with deep liquer. Organic Black English Breakfast Buds Rejuvenating morning cuppa blended from ne black broken leaf teas from the high and low regions of Ceylon. Organic Black Kashmir Chai Buds Classic chai blend with balanced base notes of mint, cardamom, nutmeg and pepper to create an invigorating brew and conjure a heady aroma. Black Mango Pineapple Buds delicately blended black tea with a delightful mango punch to give a tropical fruit flavour that is reminiscent of happy days in the sun. Pu-erh Cocoa Buds Rich taste of dark chocolate with cocoa nibs in a musky liquor creates a smooth velvety texture that will wrap your palate with a double dose of antioxidants. Green Spring Melody Buds A refreshing sencha green tea with a burst of orange and strawberry to create a whimsical spring symphony with high notes of exotic pineapple. Green Sencha Special Buds A classic Japanese sencha with a light golden yellow infusion and delicate sweet aroma reminiscent of fresh grass and sea breeze. Green Genmaicha Buds bright golden liquor with a nutty slightly savoury aroma and flavour. a popular green tea blended with toasted and popped rice kernels to give a roasted finish. Green Apple-Pear Buds Great combination of apple and pear flavours in a fine green tea that has a subtle yet definite note and delightful aroma. Green Midsummer Night Buds Wonderful blend of green and oolong tea with a dramatic and whimsical play of jasmine, rose and lotus notes to bring out a true theatrical joy. Organic Green Cherry Sencha Buds Fine, smooth sencha green tea with piquant notes of cherry and rose. a true sensory tickler with a wildly exotic flavour. Organic Green Saharan Mint Buds Tingling and awakening blend of jasmine tea with peppermint leaves and cardamom. a twist of the classical moroccan mint with a more flavourful punch! Organic White Berry Booster Buds Potent combination of white tea and high energy berries including schisandra, goji, bilberries and cranberries, creating an exquisite immune boost. White Scarlet Champagne Buds Fine white silver needle tea blended with a piquant champagne flavour and a raspberry bouquet. Herbal Sweet Buds delicious deep blend of chamomile, hibiscus, lemongrass and rosehips to create a calming, relaxing and subtly aromatic brew that is an ideal nightcap and de-stressor. Organic Herbal Chamomile Buds whole flower chamomile is widely known for its calming and relaxing properties, making it a perfect tea to drink before bedtime. Herbal Apple Honeybush Buds Delicious and nutritious honeybush blended with diced apple to make an enchanting caffeine free drink. Rooibos Out Of Africa Wine Buds great herbal tea with a ne wine bouquet that has the avour to capture the African safari and yet give you the pleasure of a smooth sweet brew to recap the torrid summer days. Rooibos Provence This perennial favourite is a rooibos that captures the romance of the french riviera and is packed with berry and oral notes.

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