Next time you are planning a special afternoon event, business meeeting or reception, let t-buds do your catering.

T-Buds Tea Lounge & Creperie

Join us at the t-buds tea lounge and creperie for a unique experience in gourmet food and tea pairings, traditional afternoon tea service and speciality loose leaf teas and teaware.

Private Events

Host your own private tea party at your home or chosen location and have fun and earn rewards at t-buds.

Chocolate indulgence

An inspired fusion of chocolate decadence and afternoon tea tradition to warm your winter days at t-buds

Introducing "t- scones"

Select from 6 different varieties- classic,rasberry,raisin,cranberry .orange and chocolate. Gift box includes assorted jam and loose leaf tea

Other Beverages

Other Beverages

Tea Lattes

Tea lovers favourites lattes are available with a variety of our teas and your choice of milk.*
4.00 Matcha Green Tea Matcha green tea latte freshly whisked matcha blended perfectly with steamed milk.
4.00 Earl Grey De la Crème
4.00 Black Amaretto
4.00 Rooibos Chai
4.00 Rooibos Vanilla
4.00 Kasmiri Chai

Iced Tea Tisanes

Brewed and chilled, for a refreshing zero calorie beverage made with our nest teas and natural essences. add a flavour shot, sugar or honey for a touch of sweetness and character.
Bud size (medium) Pekoe size (large)

Med - $3 Lrg - $4 Sunset Orange Lemon scented black tea with a shot of orange.
Med - $3 Lrg - $4 Mango Tango Mango scented black tea with shot of mango.
Med - $3 Lrg - $4 Garden Un Verte A floral green tea scented with rose, jasmine and lotus sweetened with honey.
Med - $3 Lrg - $4 Emerald Citrus Lemon scented green tea with a shot of lemon and orange.
Med - $3 Lrg - $4 White Champagne Mist Champagne and raspberry scented white tea with a shot of mango.
Med - $3 Lrg - $4 Cool Masala Morning Masala blended rooibos with a shot of cinnamon.

Fruit Smoothies

Bud size (medium) Pekoe size (large)

- $5 Matcha Wild Berry Smoothie Freshly whisked matcha with berries.
- $4 Tropical Smoothie coconut/papaya with mango and piña colada.
- $4 Berry Booster Smoothie Orange juice with mango and berries
- $4 Citrus Splash Smoothie Orange juice with and piña colada.

milk shakes

Bud size (medium) Pekoe size (large)

- $5 Vanilla Milkshake Classic vanilla ice cream milkshake with your choice of flavour shot.
- Matcha Green Tea Milkshake A smooth and creamy take on a classic Japanese ice cream.

Other Beverages

$3 French Press Coffee
$3 Americano
$3 Cappuccino
$3 Cafe Latte
$4 Hot Chocolate
$1 add extra shot of espresso

*The above are available with skim milk, whole milk or almond milk.