Next time you are planning a special afternoon event, business meeeting or reception, let t-buds do your catering.

T-Buds Tea Lounge & Creperie

Join us at the t-buds tea lounge and creperie for a unique experience in gourmet food and tea pairings, traditional afternoon tea service and speciality loose leaf teas and teaware.

Private Events

Host your own private tea party at your home or chosen location and have fun and earn rewards at t-buds.

Chocolate indulgence

An inspired fusion of chocolate decadence and afternoon tea tradition to warm your winter days at t-buds

Introducing "t- scones"

Select from 6 different varieties- classic,rasberry,raisin,cranberry .orange and chocolate. Gift box includes assorted jam and loose leaf tea

Connoisseur Tea

Connoisseur Tea Collection

Select from our list of connoisseur teas which are served at all times. These unblended, straight teas have unique flavours and are enjoyed by those with dicerning taste!

4.00 Pot for One Pot for one with biscotti 6.00 Pot for Two Pot for two with biscotti White Silver Dew Buds White tea with high levels of antioxidants made up of fine unfurled tea buds that have exquisite haunting hints of peach with a fresh lingering sweetness Green Precious Dew Gyokuro Buds Literally named 'precious dew' this exotic chlorophyll enriched green tea has a deep rich colour. The infusion is clear pale yellow and the aroma sweet, mild and grassy. Green Imperial Spring Buds Refreshing pre-spring harvest tea has a deliciously vegetal and sweet after taste. Green Jasmine Pearl Buds Occasionally referred to as dragon tears, as the tea is rolled into tight little spheres to preserve its flavour and freshness. It has been scented with jasmine to create a heady fragrant aroma. Green Dragonwell Buds Famed Chinese green tea with a clean, well balanced vegetal arome, and tasty finish. It has a mellow flavour with savoury notes. Oolong Honey Orchid Buds Exquisitley smooth amber liquor, elegant in texture with a sweet aftertaste. Top notes of orchid with honey accents and a deep fragrant aroma. Organic Oolong Tie Kwan Yin Buds This low oxidized oolong is literally translated as 'iron goddess of mercy'. It has a sweet, floral aroma, and a light, smooth delicate flavour. Oolong Milky Way Buds Unique oolong from China with high milky notes mingling with impeccable floral hints to give a long smooth lingering finish. Emperor Pu-erh Buds Unique tea, aged to bring out it's rich muskiness with a deep mellow sweet taste. A unique dark, earthy tea that has numerous health benefits including a strong detoxifying effect. Darjeeling Summer Buds Truly unique and uplifting muscatel aroma and flavour, with high sweet notes and a smooth taste that lingers on your tatse buds and memory! These leaves are picked in the seconf flush which gives it it's rich and mature character. Golden King Yunnan Buds A very special black tea made up entirely of the buds which have been oxidized to a golden brown to make an exquisitely smooth brew with bold yet subtle notes of fresh harvest fields. Oolong White Tip Oriental Beauty Buds Named Queen Elizabeth II and also known as champagne formosa. It is a higher oxidized oolong harvested from young tea buds and leaves with a sweet smooth taste and a slightly baked and floral aroma to create a pleasant lingering mouthfeel.